daily schedule

9:00 Arrival/Center Time
10:00 Greeting Meeting
The children gather to formally greet one another, discuss ideas and have snack. Snack is served as Greeting Meeting winds down. As the children finish their individual snack, they return to the classrooms and center time continues.
10:45 Clean-up
Center Time ends.
11:00 Books and Puzzles Time                                                                                                                                                            Children work independently or in small groups with support from teachers.
11:15 Second Meeting
Second Meeting consists of daily jobs such as Calendar and a salute
to our nation's flag. It always includes Music and Movement.

Story Time                                                                                                                                                                                 Teachers read to the children in a group setting.

11:45 Recess

A large portion of our morning is comprised of Center Time. This is a time when all of the children work together in a natural and collaborative learning environment and self-select activities of interest. There are also more structured portions of the morning during which the classes meet independently. This occurs during Greeting Meeting, Books and Puzzles Time, Second Meeting, Story Time and Recess.

Each morning the children at School House have the opportunity to engage in learning experiences offered in three unique classrooms. These classrooms are filled with exciting, developmentally appropriate materials and learning experiences. Each child is encouraged to explore all of the classrooms.